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At Silk Studio the most modern and effective techniques are used to ensure maximum results. Effective waxing involves removing the hair bulb from the follicle; this process distorts and weakens the hair growth, resulting in a softer finish and a hair free period. Due to the three stages of the hair growth cycle the recommended time between your appointments is generally 4 to 6 weeks.

The process of waxing

All areas are prepped accordingly prior to treatment followed with the application of soothing lotion and ingrown prevention serum. Superior quality wax is used containing low irritant, soothing ingredients, pliable and soft ensuring a smooth finish with minimal ouch! Strict hygiene practices are followed at all times with NO double dipping of spatulas and NO recycled wax.

After Care

At the risk of skin irritation avoid swimming, saunas and sun exposure for 24hrs. If you are prone to ingrowns or if you are waxing for the first time regular use of an ingrown prevention serum is strongly recommended. Regular exfoliation is also beneficial as this will encourage the follicles to stay clear. Hair –growth inhibitor serum can also be beneficial as this product helps to retard hair growth when used regularly. Enjoy your glowing smooth skin!

Client information: Waxing for the first time or changing therapists can be daunting, but rest assured that your comfort is taken into consideration at every appointment. The use of modesty towels, correct room temperature and friendly conversation help to contribute to a positive waxing experience.

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