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Massage & Body Treatments

Looking after the whole you is key at Silk Studio – there is no compromise on perfection.

Your whole body deserves to be pampered.  We use massage and body treatments to relieve and reduce tension while improving circulation and blood flow throughout your body.  Choose from our already amazing treatments or let us customise a treatment for you. Drift away with the natural soft scents of our exclusive Pure Fiji Range, softly lit rooms & calming tunes.

Look amazing and feel amazing at Silk Studio today!


Massage & Body Treatments

Enjoy the delights of a massage or body treatment at Silk Studio.

Hot Stone Massage

With the power of heated stones your muscles slowly release spent up tension.  Placed at key energy points, our stones are used in conjunction with warm oils to massage deeply into your muscles for an ultimate relaxation experience.
(70 minute treatment).

MEMBERS / FULL PRICE   $ 62.40 / 78.00

Hot Stone Massage – Back & Neck

Delivering you a focused treatment with the delights of heated stones, your back and neck will release tension like never before. In conjunction with warm oil, our back and neck heated stone treatment delivers results that are amazing.
(30 minute treatment).

MEMBERS / FULL PRICE   $ 36.00 / 45.00

Swedish Massage 30 Min

Our 30 minute Swedish Massage focuses on the back, neck and scalp – relieving tension and increasing circulation. Our fully trained and professional team will ensure that you are fully looked after and that your massage is simply amazing.
(30 minute treatment).

MEMBERS / FULL PRICE   $ 33.60 / 42.00

Swedish Massage 60 Min

Our lives are busy, stressful and demanding; taking the time out to treat yourself with a Swedish Massage ensures that you are looked after. Looking after you is key at Silk Studio – our amazing team delivers results that are true perfection.
(60 minute treatment).

MEMBERS / FULL PRICE   $ 55.20 / 69.00

Aromatherapy Massage

Building and developing on all of our senses, our Aromatherapy Massage uses our sense of smell to help to relax you into a state where our massage is even more tranquil and serene. Our noses are connected to our Limbic System which is the part of the brain that controls our emotions. Our Aromatherapy Massage takes you to a place that is truly amazing.
(60 minute treatment).

MEMBERS / FULL PRICE   $ 60.00 / 75.00

Island Bliss

Drift away with a full body exfoliation using our vitamin rich coconut sugar rub, warm towel therapy through-out, followed by an application of our luxurious Mango body butter, you will then be wrapped up with our special infusion foil designed to maximise product penetration resulting in a deeply hydrated, softened & smooth complexion. Completed with a relaxation scalp massage!
(60 minute treatment).

MEMBERS / FULL PRICE   $ 88.00 / 110.00

Glamour Glow

For any occasion feel silky, soft and luscious. Full body exfoliation to remove all those dead skin cells, removed with warm towel therapy, followed with the application of our luxurious body cream for that healthy, glamorous glow!
(45 minute treatment).

MEMBERS / FULL PRICE   $ 63.20 / 79.00

Ultimate Massage

Aromatherapy or Swedish massage including mini facial & facial massage to stimulate your skin, awaken your senses & relax your mind. Treat yourself today at Silk Studio – you will wonder why you never had an Ultimate Massage in the past.
(90 minute treatment).

MEMBERS / FULL PRICE   $ 119.20 / 149.00