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Clinic Facials

Clinic Facials are simply (and in one word) “Wonderful” – they feel amazing and deliver amazing results, we would say “best in Brisbane” right here at Silk Studio.

Unwind & relax while our experienced skin specialists take care of your complexion from the inside out! We combine the latest technologies & clinic treatments to provide you with the most safe & effective solutions for your skin concerns, whilst always maintaining an element of relaxation to each & every treatment.We will work with you to not only reach your optimal skin health but to also maintain your results.

“Ask about our Skin Care Programs designed to correct your Skin Concerns holistically, whilst saving you hundreds!”

Look amazing and feel amazing at Silk Studio today!


Clinic Facials

Amazing Facial Treatments at Silk Studio


The latest technology in dermal skin analysis, used by skin & medical specialists, this transdermal imager reaches 2mm beneath the epidermis to analyse & identify skin imbalances at the dermal level, eliminating the guess work associated with surface only consultations. (Redeemable if you purchase 3 or more Skin o2 Products) *does not include cosmetics. Complimentary with all facial treatments

Dermograph Skin Analysis inc. Report 30 min
M / FP – $ 55.20 / 69.00

LED Photo-Dynamic Therapy Facial

LED is a medical grade, clinically proven anti-ageing skin treatment that stimulates cellular regeneration. Our Quattro Lux stands above the rest, being one of the most advanced LED systems available with quality German lamps & not just 2 but 4 large panels to ensure all areas of the face, neck & décolletage receive maximum exposure.

LED Photo-Dynamic Therapy Facial 30 min
M / FP – $ 63.20 / 79.00

inc. cleanse, exfoliation,Vitamin A,C,E infusion serum under LED, scalp massage, moisture protective & eyecream

ADD Onto Another Facial Treatment
FP – $ 30.00

Microdermabrasion Treatment

Silk Signature Microdermabrasion (Memberships Only)
M / FP – INC. / 99.00

An indulgent & deeply exfoliating treat for the skin, including a Vitamin A,C,E infusion , neck/ shoulder &  scalp massage, finished with moisture protective & Platinum Eyelift.

Microdermabrasion Facial 30 min
M / FP – $ 63.20 / 79.00

Course of Four
FP – $ 280.00

For those who want the benefits of Microdermabrasion but are time poor! Includes: double cleanse, exfoliate, warm towel, microdermabrasion, finished with multi vitamin repair cream, eye cream & hydrating spritz.

Micro + Medi Peel  30min
M / FP – $ 92.00 / 115.00

Great to treat a range of different skin concerns from acne to ageing. Working deep within the epidermis to ensure your skins functions are working at optimal levels add on LED to increase these results even further.

Micro + Medi Peel  + Oxygen Facial 60 min
M / FP – $ 119.20 / 145.00

Great for deep skin regeneration & hydration! ! Reveal a brighter, younger complexion.

Microdermabrasion & Firming Face Lift (Face, Neck & Decolletage) 45 min
M / FP – $ 116.00 / 144.00

Receive the best of both worlds…Pure anti-ageing combined with the ultimate in relaxation! Includes the treatment of the face, neck & décolletage along with a decadent facial massage under vapour zone.

Oxygen Therapy Facial

Oxygen Facial 45 min
M / FP – $ 88.00 / 110.00

Experience instant results with this three step bio-oxygen infusion treatment which involves the use of pressurised hyperbaric oxygen to deliver advanced active ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin while the natural soothing properties of oxygen help the skin to retain hydration, moisture & suppleness. Perfect before a special occasion! Add on a Lactic Peel for intense regeneration & deep anti-ageing benefits. 


De-Congesting Facial

De-Congesting Facial inc. Extractions 30 min
M / FP – $ 62.40 / 78.00

A facial designed purely to help clear & heal congested skin for a smoother healthier complexion. Add on LED for an increased healing & clearing effect inc. Double cleanse, double exfoliation, steam with extractions & a healing or balancing Mask. scalp massage, anti-oxidant repair cream & peptide eye cream 

Firming Facial

Firming Facial 60 min
M / FP – $ 88.00 / 110.00

Choose from our two solution cocktails, the ultimate in relaxation with results! Double cleanse with brush machine, deep exfoliation, face, neck and décolletage massage under steam, completed with a salon exclusive firming mask or brightening infusion. FIRMING/PLUMPING – Stimulate collagen & elastin production with this deep penetrating formula, a combination of anti-aging peptides, collagen, natural acids & plant growth factors. BRIGHTENING – infusion that is high in Anti-oxidents and vitamins. Great for stressed, sundamaged or dehydrated skin.

Medi Treatment Add Ons

Bio-Active Mask: Collagen or Balancing
$ 20.00

Extractions 15 min
$ 15.00

Relaxing Warm Oil Foot Massage 10 min
$ 10.00

Brightening Infusion A,C,E
 $ 20.00

 $ 30.00

Firming Face Lift Solution
 $ 50.00

Firming Eye Treatment 15 min
 $ 30.00

Vitamin A exfoliation, plumping derma fill massage, firming solution

Clinic Peel
$ 49.00

Medi Facial Peels

Clinical Skin Peels inc. Facial
FP / 4 – $ 99.00 / 299.00

Acne Salacylic Peel 30 min
M / FP – $ 79.20 / 99.00

Suited for acne, acne prone or congested skin: Reduces clogging and visibility of pores; Promotes cellular renewal and healing; Powerful exfoliation for renewed complexion and clearer pores; Anti-inflammatory

Anti-Ageing Lactic Peel 30 min
M / FP – $ 79.20 / 99.00

Suited for mature, aged or sun damaged skin: Invigorates sun damaged skin; Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; Increases cellular turn over; Promotes hydration for smoother, firmer skin .

Pigmentation Ascorbic Peel 30 min
M / FP – $ 79.20 / 99.00

Suited for pigmented skin: Whitening and brightening; Anti-inflammatory; Rejuvenating

*Peels are not recommended for sensitive skins and cannot be used while pregnant.


Dermaplaning performed by Dermaplane Certified Technicians. 
Includes a full Facial with brightening Infusion- Vitamins A,C,E
M / FP – $ 96.00 / $ 120.00


So How Does This Treatment Work?
This is Epidermal Blading, using a specialised blade & technique to remove dull, dead cells, hardened oil build up & vellus hairs.

*No pain, no chemicals
*Instant results
*Removing facial hair by epidermal blading does not encourage more hair growth.
*Great pre-treatment for Masks, Oxygen & Peels
*Ideal pre-event treatment

*Even skin texture, reduces hyperkeratinised build up
*Refines thickened skin texture & reduces appearance of open pores
*Increases absorption of active products & assists in clearing blocked follicles and milia
*Minimises fine lines/wrinkles, sun damage & hyperpigmentation

Frequency Of Treatments?
This can depend on your reasons for having this treatment & the results you’re looking to achieve, but in general once every 4 weeks.